Experiential Billionaire: Paperback B
Experiential Billionaire: Paperback B

Experiential Billionaire: Paperback B


The art, science, and path to building a life rich in experiences.

Our entire lives, we are taught to measure our wealth in currency. But when we reach the end, the number one regret of the dying isn’t about money. It’s about experiences they wished they’d had—but didn’t.

Our experiences are the real wealth of our lives. But if that’s the case, why don’t we have a real plan for how we seek them out and invest in them? Instead, we postpone our personal goals to “someday” and put them off until it’s too late.

Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff started life with zero connections, money, fame, or education. But by leaning into the joy of remarkable experiences, they discovered their power to transform lives. Bridget and Joe have spent years interviewing social science experts, conducting one of the largest surveys on life experiences ever done, and turning themselves into experiential guinea pigs. Together they have trained to be samurai, danced with the northern lights, tracked silverback gorillas in a hailstorm, stood face-to-face with hungry lions on safari, sped across glaciers on dogsleds, absorbed life lessons from Maasai tribesmen, built schools for kids in need, studied with monks, helped give 50,000 people hearing, swum with sharks, and explored the experiential riches life has to offer.

Experiential Billionaire unlocks the secrets to living a truly fulfilling and regret-free life in a guidebook backed by compelling research, told through gripping, real stories, and filled with actionable takeaways.

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